Purple People Eatery is a Miami-based food truck specializing in fresh, freaky street food. It was built in late 2010 in Mississippi, home of Head Chef David Shipman’s father. The menu, designed by Shipman and Duncan offer a take on gourmet street food found nowhere else in the Miami food truck scene. The purple truck debuted on February 19, 2011, and is already well on its way towards becoming a local icon.

Conceived by Chefs David Shipman and Michelle Duncan, the PPE showcases their exceptional culinary talents to the hungry masses.

Chef David Shipman is a Miami native. Dissatisfied with his life as a University of Miami psychology student and unwilling to join the corporate masses, Shipman decided to leave college and pursue his dreams instead. Though already skilled in the culinary arts, he enrolled at le Cordon Bleu in Miramar, Florida to refine his expertise. After years of sharpening his skillset even further at some of Miami’s premier restaurants, he decided to once again take a risk and start his own food truck.

Chef Michelle Duncan has crisscrossed the states in search of culinary glory. From the top restaurants in California, like Susan Feniger’s Street in LA, to the most happening spots on South Beach and Midtown Miami, she is an expert in the way of the meal. Her Asian background, inherited from her Filipino mother, gives her an Eastern perspective on cooking that she credits for her distinguished style.

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